--- movie themed linocuts ---

Persistent Division

Persistence of vision is the optical illusion that assists in allowing film to be viewed as a moving image when it is projected.  Persistent Division is a series of monotype prints playing on this idea.  Thinking in terms of a sequence, each print corresponds to the next, like a strip of film.  While the images are static, movement is suggested both within the frames and between them.

Some process photos from Pratt Art Center, November 1st 2023

I applied dabs of miracle gel (or tack reducer) to a plexiglass plate and rolled black ink with a brayer.  I learned this technique from a class I took on monotype printing from Rickie Wolfe, a really sick printmaker / teacher at Pratt.  I've been running with it since then.  Here I used newsprint masks, some I made with the deckled tear bar..

I lifted half the paper, reinked the plexi with black, and remasked with fresh newsprint.  Adding the big ass circle..

The finished print..